P96_1072_1431George Albert Mayhew (Uncle Doc)

During WW1, Uncle Doc was stationed aboard captured German warship that was refitted and christened the USS Agamemnon.  He, too, would have been impacted of the pandemic that claimed his sister Laila because the movement of troops to Europe would have been the way the virus spread globally. I imagine that while he was at sea, he received a letter from home informing him that Laila, was dead. 

He was married to Gertrude (Gertie) Pilling. 



>> 1893 (Events)

November 14 ~ Born:  George Albert Mayhew, Cozad, NE.
>> 1894 

>> 1895

>> 1896 


> 1917 (Events)

April 18 – Age 25 –  Enlisted in US Navy at Chicago, IL. 

>>1918 (Events)
Served aboard the USS Agamemnon
Reference to influenza pandemic aboard troop vessels
Hit song from the era (K-K-K-Katy).
>> 1919 (Events)

July 29 –  Age 27 – Discharged from Navy. Great Lakes Naval Station


>> 1920


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