P96_1072_1431George Albert Mayhew (Uncle Doc)

During WW1, Uncle Doc was stationed aboard captured German warship that was refitted and christened the USS Agamemnon.  He, too, would have been impacted of the pandemic that claimed his sister Laila because the movement of troops to Europe would have been the way the virus spread globally. I imagine that while he was at sea, he received a letter from home informing him that Laila, was dead. 

He was married to Gertrude (Gertie) Pilling. 



>> 1893 (Events)

November 14 ~ Born:  George Albert Mayhew, Cozad, NE.
>> 1894 

>> 1895

>> 1896 


> 1917 (Events)

April 18 – Age 25 –  Enlisted in US Navy at Chicago, IL. 

>>1918 (Events)
Served aboard the USS Agamemnon
Reference to influenza pandemic aboard troop vessels
Hit song from the era (K-K-K-Katy).
>> 1919 (Events)

July 29 –  Age 27 – Discharged from Navy. Great Lakes Naval Station


>> 1920


5 Responses to George

  1. John William Edward Mayhew (Adopted to Du Plessis) says:

    Good day I am trying to trace my husbands father George Albert Mayhew and his family of South Africa. My husband was adopted in 1948 by his mothers parents Johanna & Williem du Plessis John was boen in 23rd of March 1943
    He had a sister Alletta (Tukkie) Mayhew born +- 1944 adopted by Mr & Mrs de Villiers
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    • Summiteer says:

      Due to a deplorable lack of vigilance, it took me over a year to notice this comment. Certainly Teresa has moved on and found out what she needed to know. As it turns out, George Albert Mayhew (my uncle) died childless so he was not a part of the lineage the Teresa was exploring.

  2. AnneRoos says:

    I have a question. I have to do a project for school and all the people in my class are given a soldier from the world war 1. Mine is Albert Mayhew. I don’t know if the guy on this page is him so does someone know in which year the man on this page is born or if he even was in the world war 1. Thanks. Kind regards AnneRoos

    • Dan says:

      Hi, Ann- George Albert Mayhew (known to me as Uncle Doc) was indeed in WW1 as a Yeoman 3rd Class in the United States Navy. He was deployed on the USS Agamemnon, which was a troop ship converted from a passenger vessel for the war. I cannot tell you if he is the Albert Mayhew that you mention. I suspect there were other Mayhews who served and since “George” was his first name your Albert Mayhew may have been a different soldier. For purposes of identification, This ‘George Albert Mayhew’ was born Nov. 14, 1893 in Cozad, Nebraska. He lived in Camridge, Illinois and died on January 17, 1979 in Oregon City, Oregon.

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