Back in Time

As I begin this site, I realize that I am connected with the generations before. There is a strange fascination that I’ve discovered with those that have gone before. I have some questions. What kind of man was my grandfather? I never knew him–he died 14 years before my birth. I’m curious about my great uncle, Milford, who migrated to Seattle, married and then abandoned his family, eventually dying in Portland. Interestingly, his great grand daughter is a friend who we have known for 25 years, never realizing that we were distant cousins.  Such discoveries encourage this exploration. It is a new hobby. I am anxious to see what other discoveries await.

And there is are connections with the other families. The Fords, on my mother’s side deserve their place on the journey, as do the Kaysers with their roots in Prussia and the Hallidays whose name is mentioned among the abolitionist characters in Uncle Tom’s Cabin (is there a reason the surname is included there?)

There are discoveries to be made. I’ll uncover them on this site and leave them as a legacy for anyone who cares to go back in time.

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